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Artisanal mining activities

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Artisanal mining still at its early stage of development. It started around 2012 and remains little or no mechanised at all, explosives are not used, and significant quantities of gold are still being recovered at surface, using metal detectors to find gold nuggets and very basic processing methods to extract gold from ore. Ore is dug out from relatively shallow open pits using hand tools, to depths of around 20 m. important measures have been set up by Mauritanian government to manage and regulate this new activity and make it an effective means of income to reduce poverty through providing employment while preserving environment and sustainable development.


  • Iron ore: Two Billion Tons;
  • Gold: 25 Million Ounces;
  • Copper: 20 Million Tons;
  • Uranium: 50 Million Tons;
  • Gypsum : 10 Billon Tons
  • Phosphate:160 Million Tons
  • Quartz: more than 11 Million Tons
  • Salt: More than 245 Million Tons.