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Mauritania or “Chinguetti land” holds 4 ancient cities classified by UNESCO as world heritage . The famous one is Chinguetti or “Sorbonne University of the desert” due to its libraries holding some of the oldest and most impressive manuscripts in the Islamic world, its Mahadras (Koranic schools),its beautiful mosque. Adding to this, Chinguetti played a great economic and cultural roles in the past centuries. Today Chinguitti is one of the most tourist’s destination spot of the country.

Mauritania ( Land of people )- diversity of landscape, wonderful places, variety of leisure and delicious food- is today a great tourist destination for a great number of tourists from over the world and mainly from Europe and Middle-East. Here tourists will discover an authentic architecture(ancient cities classified word heritage), atypic artifacts and handicrafts , a unique desert , an original fauna and flora and an attractive coast with the Arguin Park (a world heritage site) , with TIDRA island which is a heaven for million birds , many animal and plant species .