Artisanal Sector

There are development opportunities in the artisanal sector, if initiatives are taken to improve artisan productivity, product quality and markets access. The government adopted an organization plan for the handcraft…

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Investment Procedures

Investment is governed by Act 2002-03, which established an investment code. The law covers domestic, foreign and mixed equity investments. A domestic enterprise is constituted with resources mobilized in Mauritania…

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One of the largest jobs creation sectors of the economy chain, the agro-pastoral sector accounts for 48% of jobs and for approximately 20% of GDP. AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Agriculture in Mauritania…

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Tourism Sector

Mauritania or "Chinguetti land" holds 4 ancient cities classified by UNESCO as world heritage . The famous one is Chinguetti or "Sorbonne University of the desert" due to its libraries…

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Petroleum Exploration Opportunities

The aim of this article is to present the current status of exploration in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and to highlight the petroleum potential of the virtually unexplored onshore…

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Artisanal mining activities

Artisanal mining still at its early stage of development. It started around 2012 and remains little or no mechanised at all, explosives are not used, and significant quantities of gold…

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