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Information about Mauritania

Geographical Location: Mauritania is situated between the 15º and the 17º longitude West and the 15º and the 28º latitude North. It is limited in the North by Western Sahara and Algeria, in East and South-East by Mali, in South by Senegal and in West by the Atlantic Ocean.

Time difference: GMT
Land: 1,030,700 sq km

Climate: Mauritania has a dry and hot climate in its septentrional part where the annual rain fall average is 63mm, and a hot and humid climate of Sudano-Sahelian type in its meridional part where the annual average of rain fall may attend 500 to 650 mm.

Population: about 4,300,000 inhabitants.
Demographic density: 3.8/sq km
Demographic annual growth rate: 2.8 %
Life expectancy: 63 years

Religion: Islam

Political regime: Mauritania benefits a semi-presidential democratic regime in favour of the adoption of a pluralist constitution of liberal inspiration in 1991.
Political capital: Nouakchott with more than one million inhabitants
Other big cities: Nouadhibou,Nema , Kiffa, Atar, Rosso

Official Language: Arabic
Other National Languages: Poulaar, Soninke,Wolof
The most used foreign language: French

N ational currency: Ouguiya ( UM )

one ZAR(R) = Approximately 2 UM

one Euro ( € ) = Approximately 44 UM

one Dollar ($) = Approximately 35 UM

How to travel from South Africa to Mauritania:

  • Through Addis Ababa by Ethiopian Airlines
  • Through Istanbul by Turkish Airlines