Artisanal mining activities

Artisanal mining still at its early stage of development. It started around 2012 and remains little or no mechanised at all, explosives are not used, and significant quantities of gold…

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Mining Sector

Mauritania as a mining country dates back as to early the 20th century when the multi-national firm, the MIFERMA who assured the exploitation and export of Mauritanian iron ore to…

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Port of Tanit 96 factories for products processing to be exported to EU and other destinations International Airport Nouakchott The Fish Market of Nouakchott 50 factories of products processing for…

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Mauritania benefits a sea shore long of 750 km and the country enjoys an Exclusive Economic Zone wide of 200 miles marine which is thought to host one of the…

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Historical Landmarks

The history of the country had been strongly marked by the Al Moravides “epopee” (Xth century) which has brought tremendous changes to the society and the culture of the future…

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Information about Mauritania

Geographical Location: Mauritania is situated between the 15º and the 17º longitude West and the 15º and the 28º latitude North. It is limited in the North by Western Sahara…

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